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After Vasectomy What to Wear and Other Post Operation Tips

All patients are always advised by their doctor about vasectomy what to wear. This is to ensure that they heal in a timely manner and avoid possible complications. On this article, we will talk about what specific type of cloth men should wear while on the procedure and after vasectomy. We will also include some other important aspects of post-operative care.

Immediately after the surgery, the patient is expected to feel mild pain as the local anesthesia starts to wear off. This is natural especially during scalpel vasectomy or when there is an incision made. Normally, the surgeon asks the patient to take antibiotics and painkillers before and after undergoing vasectomy to speed up the healing process. Other than prescribing the medication, the doctor would require the patient to bring jockey shorts or a snug scrotal support. The patient would have to wear it right after the surgery.

Vasectomy What to Wear before Vasectomy

Men should wear comfortable clothing. They should choose pants that are quite loose. Experts recommend patients to choose the pants or shorts that they wouldn’t mind getting stained with iodine. It is also advisable to wear an ordinary t-shirt. This will make them feel comfortable during the surgery and after. They should also have someone to accompany them. Men will not be allowed to drive right after the surgery.

Vasectomy What to Wear after Vasectomy

Vasectomy what to wear – why is it important? Just like all other parts of the body, the scrotum which has an incision is at high risk of infection. When rubbed with a garment that has rough texture, it will not just trigger pain but may also lead to bleeding and infection. The patient should be in a very comfortable condition. He can even wear dress if he wants but not all men would wish to see themselves on a lady’s outfit. In this case, a jockey shorts which is made from soft cloth is ideal. The surgery normally takes 30 minutes to one hour. Patients can actually bring their jockey shorts or scrotal support during their appointment with the doctor. For the first few days after the procedure, men are advised to stay at home and have enough rest. They shouldn’t be exposing themselves to strenuous physical activities like exercise and sports as it can lead to bleeding and other complications. At home, they can just wear loose shorts made from smooth and cottony materials and tight underwear. He should wear jockstrap until he feels comfortable. That would mean wearing it 24 hours a day for a week or more.

Other Important Tips on Post Operative Care

Knowing what to wear after vasectomy is just one area of the post-operative care. There are some other things they need to do and must not do to recover from the surgery. Patients should ask their doctor when they can resume taking a bath. Usually, they can take shower 2 days after the procedure. He should not submerge his body in the tub as it can expose his scrotum to bacteria and germs. While it is expected that the patient will feel pain and discomfort, it shouldn’t be too severe and lasting. He should immediately call or see his doctor if he starts experiencing unusual side effects.

The patient must not engage in sexual activity with his partner until the doctor says so. In most cases, he needs to wait for several weeks until the wound has completely healed and the semen is completely free from sperm cells.

The importance of vasectomy what to wear is crucial for the patient to go back to his normal life quicker and free from potential side effects.

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vasectomy what to wear