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Getting Your Tubes Tied


The Permanent Way To Female Contraception

If a female wants to be permanently sterilized, then the best way to do this by means of tubal ligation, which is also known as Getting Your Tubes Tied. This method would then ensure that the female egg cells are not fertilized. Thus, a pregnancy is prevented from taking place and a couple can have as much sex as they like.

The process of Getting Your Tubes Tied came forward as a result of the failure of other methods of contraception. It was observed that male condoms were prone to rupture and what is known as the seeping effect. This happens when a minute hole through the condom lets some seminal fluid seep through to the vagina, which then causes an accidental pregnancy. Likewise, the female vaginal caps and other form of contraception also have a failure rate of as high as twenty eight percent. Therefore permanent methods are required, which lead to the discovery of tubal ligation.

In order to understand this, we must first know about the female reproductive system. The female uterus, or womb consists of a thick lining of cells, which facilitates the implant of the fertilized egg cell. The egg is delivered to this area by means of two separate tubes, known as the fallopian tubes, one coming from the right and the other coming from the left. These tubes are attached to two separate ovaries, which produce the egg cells.

If the female egg cell is stopped from reaching the lower vagina, then it won’t be fertilized by the sperms, which means that a pregnancy will not take place. In order to prevent the passage of the eggs, the fallopian tubes are tied, which the basic origin of the phrase Getting Your Tubes Tied.

Nowadays, there are different methods available for Getting Your Tubes Tied. The first one is known as the laparoscopy, in which an incision is made by the surgeon on the abdomen and a small telescope known as the laparoscope is inserted inside, which makes the surgeon see the tubes. He or she then cuts them, ties them up, clamps them or seals them and places them back. The surgeon then stitches off the incision and the procedure is considered over.

Another method of Getting Your Tubes Tied is known as the mini laparotomy. Under this method, small cuts are applied above the pubic hairline, and from there, the fallopian tubes are taken out, either cut, tied up or sealed and then put back into place. The cuts are then stitched shut. This results in faster healing since the cuts are relatively small and therefore take considerably less time to heal.

Since Getting Your Tubes Tied means that you will not be able to have children forever, a woman should give it proper thought since this method of contraception is not reversible. Tubal ligation is a process, which should only be administered in women who are not obese, as obese women tend to suffer problems and cannot have their tubes tied in the normal way.

Getting Your Tubes Tied



getting your tubes tied