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Vasectomy And Its Associated Costs

It is obvious that many males ask the question How Much Does A Vasectomy Cost before they opt into having a vasectomy carried out on them. It makes sense, as every man who wants to be operated upon must arrange enough money in order to be able to bear the costs of this procedure, which would cause him to become permanently sterilized in terms of sex and the need to use contraceptives would thus be removed. However, one must remember that there is more associated to a vasectomy in terms of cost, rather than mere money. There us an emotional cost, there is the cost of the time that is involved and the health cost has to be considered. We now look at each factor one by one.

vasectomy costHow Much Does A Vasectomy Cost in terms of money? Well, a vasectomy can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000, depending upon the procedure that you choose and the area in which you are situated. The clinics in certain states charge more due to higher taxes, while others charge less. Similarly, an open surgery will cost around $500 while a laser surgery would start upwards of $800. The financial cost would also depend upon your choice of payment. Mostly, vasectomies are covered by insurance policies so you end up paying almost nothing out of your own pocket. In case you pay cash in advance of the procedure, you will most likely get a discount but if you choose to pay via credit card, the interest that accrues on the amount is sure to increase your vasectomy costs (accurate at publication date, 2010).

how much is a vasectomyThen, How Much Does A Vasectomy Cost in terms of time? The procedure itself has now become so sophisticated that it only takes about fifteen to twenty-five minutes. The patient is discharged right after the procedure. However, it is the postoperative therapy, which takes a lot of time. Men have to take time off their jobs or businesses, which may mean a spell of few days to even two weeks, depending upon the type of surgery which has been taken. This would mean precious business time and profits are lost.

And to put it that way, How Much Does A Vasectomy Cost in terms of health. The biggest health risk comes in the form of open vasectomy, so that the person may catch an infection, which may turn out to be quite a nuisance later. Certain men have had their tube seals burst open, which then causes the sperm to accumulate in the scrotum. This makes the scrotum and adjacent areas swell and become extremely sensitive, so that even a mere touch causes severe pain.

And finally, the emotional cost may be hard to bear by itself. The notion of not being able to have children can itself become a full challenge to manhood. As with the passage of age, this becomes a source of anger, tension and utter frustration. So the question: How Much Does A Vasectomy Cost has now been completely answered, do your own mathematics and find yourself an answer!

How Much Does A Vasectomy Cost



how much does a vasectomy cost