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Common Vasectomy Problems

The Problems That Vasectomy Entails

Vasectomy is described as a minor surgical operation, which is considered as very safe. However, it is to be noted that every medical procedure has its side effects and Vasectomy problems are no different. Although the procedure has been made much safer due to the advancement in medical science, yet there are Vasectomy Problems present in their wholeness.

The first and most notable problem amongst the Vasectomy Problems is the pain and soreness in the scrotum, testicular area and the area adjoining the scrotum. These vasectomy problems happen mostly in case of open surgery, which is also known as an open vasectomy.

Some men also report a light level of bruising and swelling around the scrotum and penis. Apart from it, certain males also complain of being allergic to local anesthesia, which is applied to the scrotum before the operative procedure. This causes itching and redness on the scrotum, which wears off after a day or two.

Another of the most noted Vasectomy Problems is the bleeding under the skin. This causes the penis and the scrotum to appear bruised. Unless It is serious, the blood and the pain both disappear within two weeks of the surgery, but if the problem lasts longer, it means that a visit to the doctor is necessary. Another side effect is known as Hematoma, in which considerable bleeding occurs within the scrotum, thus making it swell and painful. In this case, there is no other alternative but to seek medical advice.

One of the most dreaded Vasectomy Problems is the chance of catching an infection during the process. The infection can cause problems if left unattended and its spread will only further aggravate the problems by spreading in the area. This could be treated by antibiotics that are prescribed by the physician.

common vasectomy problemsVasectomy Problems do not just end there. Blood is sometimes reported in the ejaculation, often seen as a brownish blob. Normally, this happens due to some of the blood getting into the vas deferens at the time when it is cut. It should clear out after a few ejaculations, but if it doesn’t clear out, a doctor should be consulted. It is also a practice by the doctors to apply chromic sutures to the holes on the scrotum. That is why certain patients tend to see a little blood around the suture plus some swelling, which can be taken care of by applying a simple topical antiseptic cream.

Another very bad side effect out of the whole Vasectomy Problems is known as sperm granuloma. This is essentially the leakage of the sperm into the scrotum. Since the sperms are highly antigenic in nature, they promptly cause inflammation in the scrotum and make it very sensitive, to which surgery may only be the answer as a last resort.

Vasectomy Problems also include getting improper erections and erections at the wrong time. This happens not due to the vasectomy itself, but due to the psychological processes going on in the brain and the notion that one wont be able to have proper sex. The effects of these can be reduced with positive reinforcements to oneself.

Vasectomy Problems



vasectomy problems